Policy Briefs

The Green Transition

25 June 2018
In the fifth Policy brief ISIGrowth researchers have analysed the conditions to move away from a fossil fuel-based economy, while spurring growth and employment    

Rebalancing labour power for a sustainable and inclusive growth

14 June 2018
The fourth ISIGrowth Policy Brief highlights the main findings of the project focusing on the relationship between the organization of labour markets, technological change and income distribution

Mission-oriented innovation policy: challenges and opportunities

27 May 2018
The third ISIGrowth’s policy brief, written by Mariana Mazzucato, sets out how governments can pursue an economic growth that is smart, inclusive and sustainable

The financialization in the EU and its consequences

16 April 2018
In order to enable finance to remain a driver for innovative and inclusive economic growth, financialization should be contained. Just published the second ISIGrowth Policy Brief

Investing out of the crisis

7 April 2017
Europe can move towards an inclusive, sustainable and innovation-friendly growth-path as long as it renews its economic policy agenda. The European Union has been harshly hit by the economic and financial crisis of 2008: in some member countries its impact has been much worse than that of the Great Depression.

Civic Action Network

A Europe that works. An industrial policy for a good growth

3 May 2018
An EU-wide industrial policy could drive the rise of new sustainable growth. Four policy proposals from the ISIGrowth’s Civic Action Network for building a new industrial policy

A labour-friendly Europe. Alternative policies for labour, employment and wages

20 March 2018
Europe’s civil society groups have developed several proposals for action on labour policy. This report summarizes the result of the consultation with the Civic Action Network, the network of civil society organizations created within the ISIGrowth’s project

How Can Europe Change?

Thomas Fazi – 26 October 2016
Civil Society Proposals for Policy Alternatives on Socially Inclusive and Sustainable Growth