Mission-oriented innovation policy: challenges and opportunities

The third ISIGrowth’s policy brief, written by Mariana Mazzucato, sets out how governments can pursue an economic growth that is smart, inclusive and sustainable

Countries around the world are seeking economic growth that is smart (innovation-led), inclusive and sustainable. Such ambitious goals require re-thinking the role of government and public policy in the economy.

In this context, industrial and innovation strategies can be key pillars to achieve transformational change—in particular, by identifying and articulating new missions that can galvanise production, distribution and consumption patterns across various sectors. Addressing such challenges requires investments by both private and public actors.

The third ISIGrowth’s policy brief – ‘Mission-oriented Innovation Policy: Challenges and Opportunities’, written by ISIGrowth’s researcher Mariana Mazzucato – sets out how governments can do this.

The report has had significant impacts in both the UK and European spheres. It is cited in the United Kingdom’s new Industrial Strategy, published in November 2017 (Department of Business, Innovation and Enterprise, 2017) and the Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) was invited to host a new independent Commission to solve grand challenges in innovation and industrial strategy with a mission-oriented framework.

In the European sphere, the author of the paper, Mariana Mazzucato, was invited to write an agenda-setting report to inform the next round of EU H2020 funding: ‘Mission-Oriented Research & Innovation in the European Union’, published in January 2018.


Download here the full report