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Alternatives To The Crisis: Why Civil Society Has Been Mostly Right

Since the crisis began in 2008, an intense European discussion has challenged official policy priorities. Civil society organisations (CSOs), trade unions, think tanks and grassroots campaigns have called for ending austerity and restoring shared prosperity, reforming (or dismantling) EU institutions, reducing inequality and making Europe more inclusive, achieving environmental sustainability and reacting to climate change […]

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How Can Europe Change?

Civil Society Proposals for Policy Alternatives on Socially Inclusive and Sustainable Growth The challenge to develop a growth model for Europe that is innovation-fuelled, sustainable and inclusive is at the core of the activities of the ISIGrowth project. This Report addresses the way Europe’s civil society has viewed and addressed such challenge, contributing to Europe’s […]

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Economic policy alternatives: a survey of civil society views

How can Europe change? Civil society proposals for policy alternatives on socially inclusive and sustainable growth, downloadable here. Since the start of the crisis in 2008, an intense discussion has emerged in Europe, challenging official policy priorities. Civil society organisations, trade unions, think tanks and grassroots campaigns have given ‘voice’ to demands for ending austerity […]

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What is the future of Europe’s policies on fiscal austerity?

New results on the consequences of Europe’s fiscal austerity have been presented and policy alternatives have been discussed at ISIGrowth’s conference held in Brussels on June 1-2, 2016. The event has been held as part of the annual meeting of the Horizon 2020-funded ISIGrowth research project (Innovation-fuelled, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth) read more

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