Income inequality, a workshop in Brussels

The latest results from the ISIGrowth project will be presented at the workshop organised by DG ECFIN in Brussels on May 16th.

The relationship between income inequality and structural reforms will be at the core of a major workshop organised by DG ECFIN in Brussels, May 16th.

The objective of the workshop is to reflect the state of art literature regarding theoretical and empirical methodologies analysing the effect of structural reforms on income inequality. The workshop will be also an opportunity to present a selection of the most recent work of experts in the field. Giovanni Dosi, professor of Economics at Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies and coordinator of the ISIGrowth project, will present the latest results from the EU funded – ISIGrowth project. In particular he will present the working paper “The effects of labour market reforms: an agent based model approach” by Giovanni Dosi, Marcelo Pereira, Andrea Roventini and Maria Enrica Virgillito (download it here).

The overall aim of the event is to enrich and complement the in-house knowledge about the tools to measure the impact of structural reforms on income inequality and of understanding how policies can be better designed to enhance equality while fostering growth. The workshop will help shedding light on the effect of structural reforms on income inequality and contribute to building consensus around the results obtained in the different strands of the literature. It will discuss possible new research avenues and set the groundwork for future analytical/policy oriented.


Download here the full program of the event