Agent-based methodology, a workshop in Sophia-Antipolis

The agent-based methodology has been at the centre of a major workshop held at the SKEMA Business School on April, 27/28

The agent-based methodology (ABMs) has been at the core of a major workshop, organised within the ISIGrowth project, held at the SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antipolis on the 27/28 of April. The workshop hosted interventions of ISIGrowth researchers as well as of external scholars working on ABMs including central bank researchers.

One of the lessons of the last financial and economic crisis is the inadequacy of standard economic models to capture the drivers of the crisis like for instance the consequences of agents’ heterogeneity in markets, the possibility of financial contagion, and systemic failures, and to propose appropriate policies to deal with it.

Agent-Based Models (ABMs) represent economies as dynamical systems of heterogeneous and locally interacting agents, and they thus constitute a promising alternative to standard models to capture the deep complexity inherent the evolution of capitalist economies.

One of the main of the workshop was to offer a wide overview of the possible applications of the agent-based methodology to model micro and macroeconomic issues, and of the agent-based research carried out within the ISIGrowth project.


Download here the full program