Veronika Stolbova, Irene Monasterolo and Stefano Battiston

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A financial macro-network approach to climate policy evaluation

Existing approaches to assess the economic impact of climate policies tend to overlook the financial sector and to focus only on direct effects of policies on the specific institutional sector they target, neglecting possible feedbacks between sectors, thus, underestimating the overall policy effect. To fill in this gap, we develop a methodology based on financial […]

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Financialization in EU and the effects on growth, inequality and financial stability

In this paper brief we present empirical evidence on the patterns of increasing financialization in the EU in the last two decades, an analysis of its possible adverse effects on several objectives of the EU 2030 agenda, including inclusive growth, innovation, inequality and financial stability. First, excessive financialization depresses economic growth because it implies that […]

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Financialization of Europe: a comparative perspective

We provide evidence about the process of financialization in Europe in the period 1999-2016. We combine different sources of data (ECB Data Warehouse, BvD Orbis Database, Bank Scope) and we compute different indicators that allow us to grasp different features of the financialization process in the Euro Area and in a group of selected countries. […]

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