Flavio Calvino, Chiara Criscuolo, Carlo Menon and Angelo Secchi

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Growth volatility and size: a firm-level study

This paper provides a systematic cross-country investigation of the relation between a firm’s growth volatility and its size. For the first time the analysis is carried out using comparable and representative sets of data sourced by official business registers of an important number of countries. We show that there exists a robust negative relation between […]

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Technological Innovation and the Distribution of Employment Growth: a firm-level analysis

This work studies the firm-level relationship between different types of innovative activities and employment growth rates. Improving on previous investigations on the topic, it combines a dynamic panel analysis of the effects of different types of product and process innovation on employment growth with an outlook on the whole conditional employment growth distribution. Results show […]

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The Innovation-Employment nexus: a critical survey of theory and empirics

Understanding whether technical change is beneficial or detrimental for employment is at the center of the policy debate, especially in phases of economic recession. So far, the effects of innovation – in its manifold declinations and intrinsic complexity – on labour demand have proven to be not unequivocal. This essay critically reviews the role of […]

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