Tommaso Ciarli, Edgar Salgado and Maria Savona

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Do Low-Wage Workers Benefit from Productivity Growth Recovery?

This work examines empirically whether productivity gains (losses) are shared with wages, and the sources of heterogeneity that characterise this link. We use matched employer-employee data from the UK Annual Survey of Household Earning and the Annual Business Survey for 2011 to 2015. We instrument Labour Productivity (LP) with real Total Factor Productivity (TFP), and […]

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The Impact of R&D on Employment and Self-Employment Composition in Local Labour Markets

This paper investigates the effect of firms’ investment in R&D on employment level and composition in UK local labour markets. We distinguish the impact of R&D across areas with different initial shares of workers in routinised occupations and industry specialisation and for different sectors, levels of education, paid employment and self-employment, and age cohorts. Drawing […]

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