Which models for the Central Banks? A workshop in Moscow

ISIGrowth results on agent-based modelling have been presented at a major workshop held in Moscow, November 20th.

ISIGrowth latest results have been presented at a major workshop – Macroeconomic models for Central Banks: challenges and perspectives – organised by the Bank of Russia in Moscow on the 20th of November.

The main aim of the workshop is to discuss the challenges that the Central Banks are facing in a changing world. The meeting has been an opportunity for an open exchange of ideas since the audience consisted mainly of Central Banks’ representatives.

ISIGrowth’s researcher Andrea Roventini presented the latest project results in one of the key-note presentations: ‘Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead’. Key-note speakers included representatives of the Bank of Russia, Norges Bank, Italian Central Bank and Bank of England.


Download the full program here