The New European Deal: a policy plan for innovation-fuelled, sustainable and inclusive growth


The results of the EU-funded ISIGrowth project presented at the Final Conference held in Brussels on June 19th

European growth prospects are still below their potential and the European Union is losing competitiveness. Innovation is sluggish, financialization is increasing, and inequality is rising within and between member states.

For the last three years, the researchers of the ISIGrowth project have been working to provide a diagnostic of European problems and deliver a policy plan to jumpstart growth in Europe.

The main results of these researches are included in the policy briefs released within the project, and have been presented and debated in a conference held at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 19th at the presence of EU policy makers, members of the European Commission and representatives of the civil society.

The event has been hosted by MEPs Massimiliano Salini, Patrizia Toia, and Marco Valli.

Key speakers included ISIGrowth’s coordinator Giovanni Dosi and ISIGrowth’s researcher Mariana Mazzucato. Giovanni Dosi talk has been about “The current European policies and the ISIGrowth policy roadmap”. Mariana Mazzucato presented “The macro and micro dimensions of mission-oriented programs”.

Download here the slides of the presentations:

Giovanni Dosi The current European policies and the ISIGrowth policy roadmap

Mariana Mazzucato Mission Oriented Investment Led-Growth in the EU: challenges and opportunities