ISIGrowth results presented at a Conference in Lyon

Andrea Roventini presents the project’s main findings on macroeconomic policy and agent-based models on June 5th

ISIGrowth’s researcher Andrea Roventini is presenting some of the project results at the 2nd International Conference on ‘’Cliometrics and Complexity’’ held in Lyon (France) on June, 4th and 5th.

The conference is bringing together scientists interested in the use of complexity methods to improve the analysis of economic systems, especially their history, with a special focus on long economic and financial time series. The goal of the conference is to reach a renewed understanding of the underlying dynamics of historical and social systems and to enrich the knowledge of the past, bringing together complex systems modeling and Cliometrics.

The questions are at the heart of the conference include: the contribution of complex network analysis to economic history; non-linear dynamics in economic history; building empirical and theoretical economic history; econo-physics and cliometrics.

Andrea Roventini’s speech, to be held on June 5th , presents the project results on macroeconomic policy in DSGE and agent-based models.


Check the conference’s program here